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Worship Team Call Times

I just want to send out another reminder on call times for Sundays. Different positions: media, tech, and band have different call times. Regardless of your call time, the expectation is that you arrive early enough to prepare and be ready to go at your call time.  Preparation will be different for different positions.  For example: if you need to tune an instrument, arrive and have that done before your call time of 9:00am and sound check starts.  Please arrive early enough to account for whatever prep you need. It is a sign of respect for your fellow volunteers to show up on time and be prepared as necessary.  Everyone has drive time, gets coffee, etc. Please take these into account as you travel. 
Church Doors Open: 8:30am
Call Times:
Sound Engineers (FOH/Stream): 8:30am
Worship Band/Vocalists: 9:00am
Sound Check: 9:00-9:15am
Media: 10:00am
Announcements: 10:15am
Service Run Through Meeting: 10:15am
Thanks everyone. Keeping this morning schedule is one way we can contribute our piece to a smooth running service where people can more freely experience the Spirit moving through our service. 
I appreciate all of you and what you add to our team and church body!
Dave Mather

Welcome to the Elvanto App

Welcome to the Elvanto App!  This app will be your tool to access volunteer schedule and resources as well as the Rock's Directory.  If you have any questions when using this app, contact Katy Shea and she will help you!